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MyHomeService is a leading company known for providing first—class cleaning and repair services. Specializing in residential, commercial and industrial premises, we excel in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. With a firm commitment to customer satisfaction and well-being, My HomeService hires highly qualified specialists and uses the most modern equipment.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond simple cleanliness; we prioritize health and safety, understanding the importance of a hygienic environment both at home and in the workplace. Carefully evaluating the requirements and preferences of each client.

Whether it's a routine home cleaning or renovation, My HomeService is a reliable partner to create a flawless, functional and healthy environment. Feel the difference with MyHomeService and discover the true essence of cleanliness and care.

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Bizi seçərək istənilən təmizlik probleminizə çarə tapa bilərsiniz.

Home and office cleaning

Evinizin və ofislərinizin təmizliyi üçün bütün xidmətlər.

Plumber and electrician

Hər zonanı düzəltmək bizdən!

Post-renovation cleaning

Təmirdən sonra mənzilin yaşayışa hazır vəziyyətə salınması üçün kompleks təmizlik xidməti.

Curtains and Blinds Cleaning

Ekoloji təmiz təmizləyici vasitələr sayəsində pərdə və jalüzləriniz ilk günkü kimi görünəcəkdir.

Pool Cleaning

Hovuzunuzu təmizləməklə bərabər mühərrikinin ömrünü də uzatmaq istəyirsinizsə bu xidmət məhz sizin üçündür.

Customer Reviews

I was very pleased with the service

Rəna Babayevа

This is my first time contacting your service. I am very pleased with the result. Everything was done efficiently and quickly.

Renat Qaziyev

They work very quickly. The master arrived on the same day. Thank you.

Orxan Rüstəmov

Thanks for the help! very convenient and inexpensive service!!! I will only contact you and recommend you to my friends! :)

Samira Cəlalova


Home, Office, Space Cleaning

  • 1kv 1 AZN : 1kv 1 AZN
  • 1kv 1 AZN : 1kv 1 AZN

The service includes the arrival of professionals in the field at the appointed time

Carpet, Curtain Cleaning

  • kv. 3 AZN : kv. 3 AZN
  • 1 metr 3.5 AZN : 1 metr 3.5 AZN
  • 1 kv. 0.85 AZN : 1 kv. 0.85 AZN

The service includes delivery of carpets and curtains from the address, cleaning and delivery.

Pool, Corruption Cleaning

  • 1 kv. 1 AZN : 1 kv. 1 AZN
  • 1 kv. 2 AZN : 1 kv. 2 AZN

The service includes any kind of cleaning of the pool and the facade of the building.

Frequently asked Questions

What days of the week do you serve?

We work every day of the week from 9:00 to 19:00.

Are there discounts for regular customers?

Yes. You can get detailed information about this from managers.

Do you have a wool blanket cleaning service?

No, unfortunately there is not

How many employees are dispatched during a cleaning order?

Depending on your order, 3-5 employees are dispatched.


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